For the past few years on the indieBlog, we’ve shared a weekly rundown of good reads to help filmmakers, actors, and cinephiles stay up-to-date on the state of the film industry. With 2019 (and the 2010s in general) wrapping up, we decided to look back and pick some of the most-read or most read-worthy articles from our year of curation. Spend a little time this holiday season clicking some links and reading some stuff. It’s good for you.

Please enjoy these GOOD READS OF 2019.


This Year’s Good Reads

Are We in a Golden Age for Experimental Film Scores?
by Daniel Dylan Wray for Pitchfork, February 20

Stars and Stand-Ins: Hollywood’s Unsung Heroes Step Into the Spotlight
by Rebecca Ford for The Hollywood Reporter, February 21

How Do Film Budgets Change As They Grow?
by Stephen Follows for, March 4

Hollywood Working Moms and the Brutal Conflict Between Family and Career
by Meredith Blake for Los Angeles Times, May 10

Crisis of Representation: Why Independent Filmmakers Still Need Agents and Managers
by Anthony Kaufman for Filmmaker Magazine, June 19

How Will the Movies (As We Know Them) Survive the Next 10 Years?
by Kyle Buchanan for The New York Times, June 20

Tarantinoesque: The Making of the Last Great Celebrity Director
by Brian Raftery for The Ringer, July 22

Stories from Below the Line
by Dan Reilly, Devon Ivie, Jen Chaney, Charles Bramesco, Calum Marsh, Brian Tallerico, Jordan Crucchiola, Madison Malone Kircher, Zach Schonfeld, Elana Scherr, Rebecca Alter, and Bilge Ebiri for Vulture, September 16

Behind Every Film Production Is a Mess of Environmental Wreckage
by Kyle Raymond Fitzpatrick for Vice, October 15

4 Ways a New Justice Department Decision May Radically Reshape Moviegoing
by Peter Labuza for Polygon, November 20


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