There’s a lot of noise out there on the internet. Especially in 2016, the year that “fake news” has dominated the headlines (literally), it can be hard to wade through the muck. That’s why every week here on the indieBlog, we do our best to curate news stories and thinkpieces that filmmakers and actors will find worthwhile. Good reads from crazy ol’ 2016 included topics like the continued call for on-screen and on-set diversity, evolving distribution models, general acting and filmmaking advice, and the occasional profile or behind-the-scenes story. With the year wrapping up, we combed through the past 50-odd weeks to highlight some particularly GOOD READS OF 2016.


This Year’s Good Reads

A Hollywood Agent Explains How Negotiations Work and Why Actresses Get Paid Less
by Jen Chaney for Cosmopolitan, February 23

How Senior Citizens Became Independent Film’s Most Powerful Audience
by Jason Bailey for Flavorwire, March 9

How Nina Became A Disaster Movie
by Kate Aurthur for BuzzFeed, April 14

The Kids Are Alright: How YA Stars Have Become The Unlikely Saviors Of American Indie Film
by David Ehrlich for IndieWire, June 28

Fix It in Production: A 1st A.D. Tells You What Mistakes to Avoid when Shooting an Independent Film
by Jim McQuaid for Filmmaker Magazine, July 11

Hollywood Has Ruined Method Acting
by Angelica Jade Bastién for The Atlantic, August 11

How I Learned to Stop Counting on Miracles and Love Self-Distribution
by Ross Putman for ScreenCraft, September 30

A Shocking Suicide, A Long-Lost Friend, And A Movie Trailer
by Carolyn Kormann for The New Yorker, October 18

Getting Financed, The Lowdown: What Works and What Doesn’t, From the Producer of Swiss Army Man
by Miranda Bailey for MovieMaker Magazine, December 13


Videos worth watching

Charlie Rose: The Treasure Chest of First-Class Film Interviews (via Cinephilia & Beyond)


New Releases

Movies from our December Movie Picks that will release in the coming weeks:

How ’bout you? Read anything good this year?


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