3988_1_2_477_3 The Los Angeles Film Festival is right around the corner (literally: the corner of Sunset and Crescent Heights), and tickets are now available for this year’s slate of events and screenings.

Highlights (completely subjective, of course) include:

– Robert Towne discusses the City of Angels, and the role L.A. has played in his life and films. A must for Chinatown fans, which means anybody who loves movies. As for Tequila Sunrise, the less said, the better.

– Movies at the Ford Amphitheater. The eclectic programming includes the Russian vampire flick Night Watch, the popular nature doc March of the Penguins, and a live set by The RZA which will feature the erstwhile Wu-Tanger dropping science over a backdrop of classic cartoons.

– The North American premiere of Down in the Valley, the latest San Fernando Valley opus not directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. Starring Evan Rachel Wood (a guest at our Sundance Actors Only Brunch) and Edward Norton (not a guest at our Sundance Actors Only Brunch), it looks like a mash-up featuring elements of Midnight Cowboy, Being There, and the woefully unappreciated Pauly Shore masterwork, Encino Man.

Of course, there is much, much, much more I could go into here. However, you people out there keep calling with your contract questions, hang ups, and marriage proposals. So, as much as I’d like to let the phones ring, I’m gonna get back to work.

As for you, better log off now and go get in line for tickets to The RZA Cartoon Hour. They’re gonna go fast.

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