As I said on Friday, DMG and I had tickets to see Neil Marshall’s The Descent at the Ford Amphitheater (an excellent venue in it’s own right, but perfect for this screening). This was our second screening at the Los Angeles Film Festival, and a much anticipated one for us, as Paul and Scott had seen it at Sundance and were quick to praise this film about “hot chicks trapped in a scary cave”.

As an avid horror film fan, I’ll see just about anything that promises to scare me. That said, I was a little doubtful as to the fright value, so to speak, of a film where several attractive women spelunkers amble around in tight clothes underground.


I’d like to point out that in said cave there are creatures of the super heinous variety, but (for me at least) the real terror came from the idea of being trapped in a cave: the total absence of light, the frighteningly small enclosed spaces, the very real possibility that you will never, ever escape. Add a small army of ravenous predators, hunting by sound alone, and you have got yourself a pretty scary situation, especially if you are as ridiculously claustrophobic as I am. I should also mention that if you’re more into the gore aspect, you won’t be disappointed.

The acting is solid, the cinematography impressive and I see this being a hit. (The post film bathroom line consensus agrees with me.) My only minor objection is that someone told me the original UK ending, which in my humble opinion, is slightly better than what I saw, but certainly not enough to deter me from recommending this film.

I did have one mini triumph that night as well. Before the film began, I spotted an actor who held prime real estate on my bedroom wall in elementary school. I pointed him out and to my horror, DMG suggested I actually approach him. I refused, because I didn’t want to be that girl, but she insisted. Fifteen minutes of alternately hyperventilating and bursting into giggle fits and near tears, I did. It was very brief, but he was nice and I didn’t throw up on him (always a plus). I’m glad DMG made me do it, because I can see how it behooves me to have the ability to talk to anyone. It’s a trait that has gotten her fearless self quite far. Plus she bought me a beer for my “bravery”. What a lady!

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