71275102kw009_sagindie With this past Sunday came SAGIndie’s first ever cocktail reception for the LA Film Festival, held at the swanky sushi joint, Tengu. We’ve been a sponsor of the fest for many years, and we hate to be a Johnny-come-lately group, so it seemed fitting to get in on the libation/celebration this year. When it’s the first time you try anything new like this, especially with so many more established parties occuring all around you at the same time, it’s a little nerve-wracking. Turns out, we didn’t need to worry at all. The party was a well attended success, mainly due to our incredible hosts for the evening: Jason Lee, Debi Mazar, Elliott Gould and Eddie Izzard. We even had crashers! People don’t just go and crash boring parties. As a seasoned pro at crashing parties, I should know.

ANYWAY, the food served was fabulous, consisting mostly of things I can’t pronounce, which is fine because you don’t pronounce food, you eat it. The free vodka was Absolut-ly wonderful as well. I can see me and the grapefruit flavored Absolut having a long, wonderful relationship ahead of us. The night passed entirely too quickly for the amount of fun that everyone was having, but as we all know, all good things must end (and then come back bigger and better the next year!)

I’d like to take this time to thank our volunteers for the night: the bewitching Annick Wolkan, the enchanting Jennifer Matthews, the pulchritudinous Marcus Grewe, the charming Jeremy Marisigan and the amiable Matt Antonucci. Thanks again for working so Scott, Paul, DMG and I didn’t have to!


Well, I’ve got to get out of here – there’s a screening of The Boys’ and Girls’ Guide to Getting Down I’ve got to get to. Paul is off to Undoing and Scott gets to interview Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello about their highly anticipated film prequel to the cult television series, Strangers With Candy. He’ll be writing a Pulitzer Prize winning interview for SAGIndie’s film spotlight series, so keep a look out for that. (Just don’t let it go to his head, or next thing we know, he’ll demand that we pay for his rent in the Hotel Chelsea so he can channel his inner Gregory Corso.) DMG’s been out of the office this week, so if you see her, tell her we miss her and we want her to come home.

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