Darrien and I are in Texas for the SXSW Festival and Film Trade Show.

Austin is a really cool town (and, I’m told, the only safe place for liberals in the State) and SXSW is one of our favorite events. Not only do they program fantastic indie films and great panels (uh… especially the one we’re doing… tomorrow at 1pm), but the parties are second-to-none.

Darrien brought her daughter, Arrena, with her and I immediately put her to work in our booth:


They say that babies are “chick magnets,” but we’ve found that they are also “filmmaker magnets.” We’ve had more traffic at our booth than ever before. Of course, they don’t seem to care about us or the low budget agreements. They just want to ask about Arrena… “How old is she?” “What’s her name?” …and my personal favorite, “Is that a real baby?” 1080893_img

If you happen to be in Austin this week, come by and see us. We’ll be at our booth every day of the Trade Show, at the aforementioned panel, and on Sixth Street, drinking heavily.

Darrien will be the one with a Shiner Bock in one hand and a baby in the other.

I’ll be the one passed out on the floor.

p.s. We met some really nice filmmakers this morning and told them to check out the blog. In case they actually do it, we’d like to say hi to Wes and Mel…

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