Img_0333_2We just spent a week in New York for the IFP Market (yeah, I was there, just not pictured), and, no surprise, had a great time on the other coast.

What did we do? What didn’t we do?

Panels, seminars, an awards luncheon, screenings, and parties (you can see photos documenting this at right), not to mention binge drinking (but never, ever, on the clock).

The Market also represented our first opportunity to take our new contracts directly to the people of the Empire State, and the reaction from Market attendees was extremely positive. It’s always satisfying to deliver on the hype, and the uptick in SAG signatory productions since the introduction of the revamped agreements is strongly suggestive that we have.

And now that I am done with the obligatory flacking portion of the post (hey, I get paid by the word, people!), I’d like to point out to our reader(s) that there are some states out there that are seriously focused on providing very generous incentives to shoot within their borders.

Mississippi (yep, they’re still in business), New York, Florida, and Oregon were among the states with representatives in attendance, and since they are, in some cases, almost paying you to shoot there, I would encourage anyone considering shooting in one of those states to check their eligibilty with the approriate film office.

And, of course, to use SAG actors (yeah, I’m shameless) .

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