O.K., this is going to be fairly quick, because I’m sitting on the beach, facing the Mediterranean, and this computer is losing juice by the second. 

Cannes is now fully underway – stars have come and gone (o.k., just Woody Allen and Scarlett Johannson so far, but more are coming).  Yesterday, we encountered Cuba Gooding, Jr. outside our apartment, just hanging out with a papparazzo attached.  The streets today have about 500% more people than they did when we arrived on Sunday.  Walking has become quite the obstacle course. 

And, throughout it all, SAGIndie is bringing the best of industryites (I hate that word) to the American Pavilion.  The highlight for the students, other than my attendance, is the amazing individuals that have agreed to take pitches from the students.  Not to really BUY the pitches, but to give students a chance to experience how to pitch and what to work on.  So far, Sherri Strain from The Asylum and Producer Robert Baruc have faced the students. Such vessels of knowledge as Geoffrey Gilmore, Director of the Sundance Film Festival, actor Colin Firth, and director Stephen Frears are coming up. 

We’re also arranging for a series of new generation actors to come and talk.  We’ll take some pictures and show you how SAGIndie rolls in France.  Stay tuned, more action to come. 

BTW, we’re headed to our first party tonight, so I’ll keep an eye out for drunk celebs.

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