Student Filmmakers:

Want to get an “A” in your
film theory class without sleeping
with your professor, have grateful classmates buy you Jager shots, and
basically be the alpha film-nerd on campus? Well, if that’s the height of your
ambition as a student filmmaker, we can help you achieve your pathologically
narcissistic dreams!

Adobe gave us a 10 seat
license of Production Studio to give to the film school of our choice. Of
course, we all wanted to give it to our alma maters, but squabbling over whose
college was most deserving
degenerated into an all-out donnybrook, which left two of our staff in tears
and the other two engaged in a brutal
plastic knife fight in the 7th floor coffee room.

To settle the matter we’ve
decided to offer the license to the school of the student filmmaker who sends
in the best essay on the following, incredibly unimaginative theme: “Why My
School Deserves a 10 Seat License from SAGIndie and Adobe”. This is where you (and your
innate filmmaker’s aptitude for shameless self-promotion) come in. Write your
essay, send it in, and the rewards mentioned above can be yours.

But first, read the
following rules, and abide by them fully. Some rules are made for breaking.
These aren’t.

1) Each essay must be 350 words or less.

2) One submission per student – though there is no limit
on the number of submissions allowed from each school.

3) Submissions MUST be written by a current student of each respective film school.

4) Multimedia presentations are allowable, but must
include a hard copy of the printed essay.

5) The deadline for submissions is November 3, 2006.

Please send your essay,
including your name, your school’s name, and the name of your faculty advisor

ATTN: Adobe Contest
5757 Wilshire Blvd., 7th Floor
Los Angeles, CA

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