1070787_img_1 Our Signatory Workshop last night played to a full house, as the word about the new Low Budget Agreements has begun to spread across the independent film community, not unlike a vile, miasmic cloud of toxic gas (except, in a good way).

There were a few hard-core skeptics in the record-setting crowd (I can honestly say I never thought I’d see an SRO house for a 2 hour spiel on contracts), but for the most part it seems that the positive aspects of the new agreements, especially the Ultra Low Budget agreement, are becoming clearer to filmmakers.

Rather than belabor those points here (I’ll leave the belaboring to Paul), I’d just like to say to anyone who has any questions about these new agreements: Call us. Email us. Come to the workshop.

Knowledge is power. Something scary and incomprehensible (say, the music of Ashlee Simpson) can seem benign, even beneficial, when all the facts are known (okay, bad example).

We literally only exist to talk to you, to answer your questions, and to help you make your film using professional actors. We live to serve.

To drive home the point, I’m providing Paul’s home phone number to everyone out there. You can call him anytime day or night (don’t worry, he deosn’t have a social life for you to interrupt) at: 323-548….

Err, after a intense deliberation with Paul, I’ve decided that it would probably be best to just leave you with the office number: 323.549.6064.

Call us there. We’ll talk.

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