SAG-AFTRA has announced a brand-new contract intended to provide a streamlined signatory process for indie producers working with extremely limited budgets. The Micro-Budget Project Agreement is now available to filmmakers as of December 1, 2020. See the full list of qualifications below, or learn more on our Become a Signatory page or over at the SAG-AFTRA Production Center.


What Projects Qualify for the Micro-Budget Project Agreement?
  • Entertainment content
  • Budget of $20,000 or less (per picture or per episode)
  • Shot entirely in the United States
  • Live-action
  • Scripted or unscripted
  • Permitted exhibition:
    • Film festivals
    • Free-to-consumer new media platforms
    • Screenings for Academy Award consideration
    • Public access TV
    • Demo purposes
    • Classroom screenings
What Projects Do NOT Qualify for the Micro-Budget Project Agreement?
  • Animation
  • Branded/Influencer Content
  • Commercials
  • Corporate/Educational videos
  • Music videos
  • Audio-only content (audiobooks, podcasts, radio plays, etc.)
  • Video games
  • News/Broadcast
  • Projects including any nudity/simulated sex
  • Projects including any hazardous stunts
  • Projects where the producer has received any compensation in exchange for distribution or exhibition rights
What Are the Terms of the Micro-Budget Project Agreement?

Most terms will be subject to negotiation between the producer and performer. Please note that this Agreement does not create eligibility to join the union.


If you have any questions, contact SAG-AFTRA at 855.SAG-AFTRA (855.724.2387) or call SAGindie at 323.549.6064.


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