It’s really only the first full day of the Cannes Film Festival and I’m already exhausted. It didn’t help that I couldn’t sleep on the plane… or in my apartment the night I arrived… or last night. So, in lieu of sleeping I’ve decided to exercise. I’ve been running every other morning and I figure I will either become exhausted enough to sleep… or die.

We had our first official programs for the American Pavilion/Adobe Film Students (if you don’t know about the program, read about it at… for some reason this blogging program won’t let me link…). Film Composer Dennis Dreith, Screenwriter Michael January, and Warner Independent VP Paul Federbush (pictured) spoke to the students. Federbush

The students, as usual, make it all worthwhile. They are excited to be here, unjaded, and smart. And most of them are wearing SAGIndie advertising (and we’re not even forcing them). This is Jenna showing off the brand new SAGIndie backpack and Anne Jo Lee modeling the new SAGIndie hat, both of which premiered here at Cannes… along with the apparently crappy Da Vinci Code (I didn’t see it… but the students who did shared the opinion of most critics that Tom Hanks’ mullet is perhaps the best part of the film).

Stay tuned for more from the Croisette… I’m going to go and drink myself to sleep (or maybe just drink)…


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