That’s right, people.  I took a big ol’ bite out of the Big Apple and kept biting until there was nothing left!  I put "the city that doesn’t sleep" TO BED!  I, ………..I…………. oh hell, I worked and slept.  That’s about it.

But for a while there, I was sounding really exciting.  And full of "it", but that’s o.k.  I survived my week in NY, abandoned by Paul to the wilds of Times Sq.  First, the man MAKES me come to NY, even though I really had nothing to do there.  THEN, he runs off back to L.A. and leaves me there to do all the things HE was supposed to do.  Ugh!  But I, of course, rose to the occasion.  I did his panels and sipped wine at his cocktail parties.  And on Thursday, a mere 4 days into my trip, I did what I went to do.  I attended IFP’s Filmmaker Luncheon and supplied the Master of Ceremonies, Giancarlo Esposito.

It didn’t go without it’s problems, none of which were Giancarlo’s and which I won’t list here, but let’s just say that the lunch started off VERY bumpy for me.  But, as long as my actor shows, I’m cool.  I knew he would be there any minute…………….any minute, really.  Well, it took a while (heck, he drove himself from another STATE), but he made it.  The luncheon could begin and we all sat down.  Now I had the most rockin’ table.  Not only was I sitting there (need I say more), but there was also Giancarlo, Michelle Byrd (exec. director of IFP-NY), Ira Deutchman, and SAG’s own Ron Bennett (who is too gorgeous to try to capture by camera).  The restaurant, Chinatown Brasserie, served delicious Asian vittles, family style.  It was worth it just to see Michelle Byrd try to spear some Mushroom Chicken while Giancarlo and Ira fought over who could pick up more rice with their chopsticks.  Really, a very sophisticated meal.

Lest you think that it was all silly fun, those cheeky bastards over at Chrysler teamed up with the irrepressible scamps at Silverwood Films and gave some guy ONE MILLION DOLLARS!  Though he vowed to make a great film with it, I saw him later dropping hundred dollar bills in various G-strings at a local strip club.  And believe me, my $1,000 was barely worth it when I think of how much my feet hurt in those shoes.  Anyhow, the lunch went off without a hitch, though Giancarlo surprised everyone by trying to steal the guy’s ginormous check.1101023_img_1   He eventually apologized, but not before sucker-punching Michelle Byrd.  Actors.  In the end, everything turned out well.  We all did the jobs we were supposed to do (well, except for Paul, who wasn’t there, and Michael, who had other things to do, and Scott and Eliza for just, I don’t know, being themselves).  I’ll just say for myself, it was a job well done.  Of course, Giancarlo couldn’t help but to cop some sugar when he got the chance.1101029_img

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