Dear Loyal Readers:

Since I was left alone in the office today, with no one to entertain me (Paul is in NYC hiring the east-coast face of SAGIndie, DMG has taken a break from her banner snatching to represent us at the American Black Film Festival and Scott is at home (Warning! This link leads to a disgusting, stomach-churning, not very pleasant image. Seriously. You’ve been warned – Ed.) not feeling well), I decided to post a little update!

Business has been picking up here, and tonight I am heading out to Westwood, where my date and I will catch Kalamazoo? Friday I’ll be running the first showing of our new quarterly Diversity Screening Series! I’m quite excited about the film, which is The Motel. Saturday, Scott and I are running away to San Diego to join the circus! We’ll have a panel from 3-4, so if you’re there, come see us. As usual, fun follows us wherever we go, so look forward to plenty of pictures and bloggery.

And now for another installment of Eliza Recommends:

How about taking a trip to Indieville or SoCal?

Resources for and interest in independent filmmakers and their films is at an all time high, so get out there, create a masterpiece and make your elementary school enemies jealous and your mothers proud!

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