Every so often I will realize I can add another reason to the laundry list already in existance of “Why I (Eliza) am cooler than Scott Garner”. Today’s reason? I saw Hot Fuzz a week ago* and he (depsite his efforts all weekend) has not.

Have you seen it? After looking at the box office results, chances are you haven’t.¬†Why? It’s very entertaining. It’s no Shaun of the Dead, unfortunately – but then again, what is? I encourage all seven of you readers out there to ignore any advertising for this film (it’s all poorly done) and just go see it so you can start getting your Halloween costumes ready.

And to think – an offer to see the movie a week early and for free! He could have gone too, but he didn’t and that’s the point. Isn’t that reason enough to finally¬†learn how to read, Scott?

*It was a Film Independent members-only pre-screening.

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