O.K., y’all haven’t heard much from me lately.  For one, I haven’t seen that many films lately, despite the local festivals.  I can only blame the fact that I was traveling when the call for ticket requests was issued.  And since there’s no such thing as a cell phone and/or internet, so that I could look at WHAT I WANT and submit it, the powers that be (Paul) just gave the two homebound whiners (Scott and Eliza) all the tickets.  Harumph!   For two, the good thing about having the newbie around is that she has taken on much of the blogging responsibilities.  And I have to say, I’ve enjoyed her "really honest, don’t take crap from anyone, but I’m still cooler than you" style blogging.  The girl is a hoot.  Glad we hired her.

Having said all that, I did see a movie at Outfest.  Saturday night, I went to a screening of Dirty Laundry.  A little bit Tyler Perry’s Madea, this feature by Maurice Jamal is about a gay man who has left the country life and family behind to find himself in New York.  When he is called home for a surprising reason, he must come to terms with who he is and the people he begrudgingly calls family.  Starring a host of familiar faces, from Loretta Devine, Rockmund Dunbar, and Jenifer Lewis, the film is heartfelt and funny without falling victim to too much "chicken and grits" humor.  This could have easily fallen into the "Mama I want to sing but my arms are too short to box with God so I’ll go the the beauty shop and meet my baby’s daddy" films, but it holds itself clear, the message of owning who you are and being proud of it is brought home without too much preaching.  As always, Jenifer Lewis is her diva best, and Rockmund Dunbar manages to play gay without looking too much like he’s playing the stereotype.

I’ll have plenty more to blog about during my next trip.  I’m headed out to Miami tonight for ABFF.  I’ll see films, meet filmmakers, and eat some really great food for the next 5 days.  Don’t hate, the food almost makes up for the bugs that are so big, they hang out on corners and jack people for their wallets. 

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