Like nearly everywhere else (notable exception being the post office) things slow down here at SAGIndie during the holidays. Because of this To Catch A Predator clips have been my obsession today. Chris Hanson has the best job probably in the whole world. Oh sure my job can be pretty fun — after all, I’m [technically] on the clock as I watch these — but somehow it still doesn’t quite compare to the job of actually being there, confronting a 41-year-old who’s shown up at a pre-teen’s house with a penis pump, bag of fast food and box Trojans (ribbed for her pleasure – how thoughtful). Yes, loyal readers, the pervs are showering their womenchildren with gifts of Burger King and condoms. BURGER KING! I mean, I appreciate my fast food nowadays, but only since the realization that I am no longer a teenager and therefore too old to demand, say, Olive Garden when being woo-ed.

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