Surprisingly, Paul has only threatened to fire me one time so far this trip. Why? Because I haven’t blogged yet. So here I am, blogging, so that Paul can start looking for other reasons to fire me. We like to keep him busy.

Unlike years passed, I’ve actually seen a movie this year! Last night was the official screening of John Cameron Mitchell’s SHORTBUS, and I really loved it. And let’s just say I’ll never be able to sing the National Anthem the same way again.


I might have once again made a fool out of myself at the American Pavilion as I had a complete geek out meltdown in the green room at the IFP’s Directors Panel.
Linklater_1 There were so many cool people there – Austin god Richard Linklater, Gus van Sant, Brett Ratner, Larry Clark, you name it.


The panel was moderated by Roger Ebert. It was a cool place to be. And I’m a film nerd.


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