I’ve been apologizing to people for the last five days straight. I’m sorry. My production company’s email server went berzerk on Wednesday, allowing people who responded to a mass email to respond to my ENTIRE list. First one person did so. Then another. Then somone responded asking not to be included on the responses. And then…it all went to shit from there.

Literally hundreds of emails started flooding through my server back and forth between people asking to be removed from the list, asking people to stop responding, asking to be kept on the list, fighting with each other, joking with each other, blah blah blah blah blah. For three hours we tried to get through to our email server to shut our 3000+ name list down. When they finally did it was too late as emails already in the cue just kept on rolling out until late in the evening. And for every one email everyone out there received, I got three or four separately, plus phone calls, IM’s and text messages.

It was like watching a slow motion train wreck only, after a while, it became ridiculously funny. I felt like Larry David sitting there for hours with my chin on my chest watching every contact we have in the industry get totally inundated by emails from our server, pissing off major producers, distributors, TV execs, directors, etc. My partner was so freaked out he thought we’d have to change our company name and go on the lam.

Now we’re trying to spin the whole thing as Plug Ugly Films’ version of a punk rock X-mas party. And we’re looking for a new email server. Thankfully lots of people have contacted us and absolved us of our guilt, made us feel better about the fiasco and even encouraged us to do it again. Which of course, we won’t.

All of this and all we wanted was for people to go vote for our Willowz music video on www.SLAMDANCE.com.

Plug Ugly – oi!

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