Sono in Italia adesso. Roma è una bella città. Ci sono molti arboli, monumenti, e musei. Mi la piace molto.

Sorry… the only time I’m brave enough to use Italian is when I’ve had a drink (why is it that most of my posts involve alcohol?). Rome really is nice. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I didn’t expect to like the city as much as I do. The people are nice (except for the waiters… I guess, as in France, when you don’t work for tips you don’t have any incentive to be nice. Viva il capitalismo!), the food is great, and it’s cool to see the sites from some of my favorite Italian films (I promised to keep this blog on topic didn’t I?); Otto e mezzo, La Dolce Vita, L’Ora di Religione, and, in my opinion, one of the best films from last year (from any country), La Meglio gioventù.

Tomorrow I’m going to visit the mountain village of my maternal grandparents. There I hope to meet my new Italian wife, who will later be blown up in a car bomb. I will then return to the States to take over as head of the SAGIndie family.

Or maybe I’ll just get drunk again.


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