So I spent the entire day slaving at the Clinton Global Initiative today and was nowhere near the IFP Market.  Instead of doing important things like chatting about movies with NYC filmmakers and hitting on IFP staffers, I was helping press cover symposiums about stupid, boring, meaningless things like poverty, global warming, religion, health and war. 

But last night’s SAG Indie panel "What’s In It For Me?" at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts was a great way to meet some new peeps and get a free dinner out of Paul.  Oh, and to help answer some actor’s questions. 

Right now I’m missing the Mayor’s Office of Film & TV cocktail reception but Darrien from the LA office is probably dancing on the table tops drunk in my stead.  And Paul is at home with a hair dryer on his carpets after a mean water pipe burst sent him packing back to LA. 

Tomorrow: more of these damned people that rule the world making commitments of millions of dollars to save starving people and AIDS victims instead of committing their money to my next movie.  Gah!  Whateverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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