SAGindie’s Darrien Gipson is back from New York’s IFP Film Week, which wrapped up yesterday after a full slate of filmmaker talks, case studies, networking events, and even a live screenplay reading (sponsored by us, wouldn’t you know). Since we always try to bring you the most worthwhile intel from the week’s film industry happenings, we’d be foolish not to include the IFP Week recaps provided by Matt Prigge from Filmmaker Magazine (which just released its 100th issue!). It’ll be just like you were there (except without the actual interacting-with-people thing).


This Week’s Good Reads: IFP Week 2017 Edition

“Find Your Tribe”: Moonlight Director Barry Jenkins and Producer Adele Romanski Give Advice at IFP Week
They turned their $1.5 million indie film into a Best Picture Oscar-winner. Let’s hear what they have to say.

“Create Something That Is Undeniable”: Director Dee Rees Talks Mudbound And Life After Pariah at IFP Week
How the filmmaker has stayed true to her passions and resisted “selling out” to the superhero machine.

“I Don’t Want To Kill a Medium”: Director Sean Baker Talks The Florida Project and iPhones at IFP Week
Why the Tangerine filmmaker wanted to avoid being “the iPhone guy.”

Directors Josh and Benny Safdie and Cinematographer Sean Price Williams Talk Shooting Good Time in NYC on 35mm at IFP Week
The run-and-gun production of the Safdie Brothers’ new modern classic.

IFP Week: Sean Baker and the Safdie Brothers on How To Film Inside Working Businesses
From donut stores to shopping malls, how to get the most from your locations.

Who Gets to Tell Whose Story?: IFP Week Filmmakers and Funders Talk the Politics of Representation in 2017
How to portray a culture (or real-life person) as an outsider looking in.

“Gain the Trust of the Audience”: Cenk Uygur Talks Trump, News and the Internet at IFP Week
Bringing news into the new media landscape.

“Find a Small, Possibly Unsexy Job You Can Do Well”: At IFP Week, Directors and Producers on Getting Started in Indie Film
Career advice from Ingrid Jungermann, Chanelle Aponte Pearson, Kishori Rajan, Gillian Robespierre, and Joshua Z. Weinstein.

“Women Don’t Always Get to Play the Funny Parts”: Julie Klausner Talks Making Difficult People Herself at IFP Week
Bringing a DIY approach to TV-making.

Personal Doesn’t Mean Small: IFP Week Filmmakers On Tackling Big Issues With Intimate Stories
How documentarians David France, Cecilia Aldaronod, and Yance Ford made personal stories universal.


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