Look, you’re busy, we’re busy. You can read, we can read. Let’s cut to the chase and just read some film industry news and articles from this past week, okay?


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of May 13, 2019)

Roll Call: Meet 5 Gen Z Actors Defining Young Hollywood (via Nylon)
Cast ’em before they’re too famous for you!

The Necessity Of DIY Filmmaking For Marginalized Creators In Horror (via Sara Century for SyFyWire)
How underrepresented filmmakers are making their own way in genre fare.

How Much of This Shit Should I Use? (via David Dastmalchian for Talkhouse)
Inside the personal nature of the writer/actor’s newest film, All Creatures Here Below.

Olivia Wilde had a “strict no-asshole policy” on set while filming her directorial breakthrough, Booksmart (via Jane Crowther for GamesRadar/Total Film)
A peek into the creative process of the actress-turned-director.

Spike Lee Directed Crooklyn — Black Women Brought It To Life (via Danielle Cadet for Refinery29)
Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Spike Lee’s coming-of-age story with the woman who wrote it – Spike’s sister Joie.

The Lowdown on Tax Credits (via Orly Ravid for The Film Collaborative)
The Forest Road Company’s Zachary Tarica on how to navigate film tax credits.

Entertainment Education Report: The Best Films Schools for 2019 (via Variety)
It’s graduation season. Did you graduate from one of the best? (Though, like, it’s sort of too late if you didn’t, but just have a good work ethic and you’ll be fine!)

Miles Teller: Nicolas Winding Refn ‘Lost His Mind’ Making TV Series Too Old To Die Young (via Zack Sharf for IndieWire)
Recapping Miles Teller’s SAGindie talk at The American Pavilion in Cannes!


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