Now that we’re a few days into April, the news media has stopped emulating The Onion for 24 hours and can get back to the important things: Movie news. We’ve collected some fascinating articles from this week for your entertainment pleasure. No fooling.

Good Reads for the week of March 30, 2015

It Follows Is Not A Flop (via Tim League for Badass Digest)
The Alamo Drafthouse founder explains how this new indie horror is changing the distribution game.

Hollywood May (Finally) Put More Stock in Women After 2015 Hits (via Ramin Setoodeh for Variety)
Is it breaking news when 51% of the population finally gets some face-time on the big screen? Sadly, yes.

The 7 Dirty Secrets of Film Financing (via Bianca Goodloe, Esq. for Indiewire)
Money tips from a legit esquire.

The Joy of Fly Casting: Indie Casting Tips from Man From Reno
(via Dave Boyle and Mye Hoang for MovieMaker Magazine)
Insight into the casting process from an indie filmmaker.

The Nerd Hunter (via Stephen Rodrick for The New Yorker)
Insight into the casting process from Judd Apatow’s casting director.

Chaz Ebert Celebrates Life Itself and Roger Ebert (via Shannon M. Houston for Paste)
Our friend Chaz Ebert talks about her late husband’s legacy and the future of film criticism.


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