Hi there! Welcome to 2015! It’s a New Year, as you probably noticed from the giant glitter ball in Times Square succumbing to gravity a few nights back. Naturally, many news outlets were buzzing this week about the future of the film industry, and what we can expect in the twelve months ahead. Is blockbuster fatigue going to set in? Will VOD be the new way forward in studio releasing? Will Jennifer Aniston win an Oscar? Take a look at some of this weeks most interesting film-related articles.

Good Reads for the week of January 5, 2015

8 Ambitious Resolutions For Hollywood in 2015 (via Amy Nicholson for LA Weekly)
In a perfect world studio execs, agents, and financiers would heed Nicholson’s words and the world would be rainbows and ice cream.

Why I Hope Star Wars and Avengers Don’t Give Hollywood A Record 2015 (via Scott Mendelson for Forbes)
Box office numbers were down in 2014. Maybe that’s a lesson Hollywood needs to keep learning from?

Let Them Eat Cake (via David Ehrlich for Slate)
A peek inside the Oscar race for a little-known indie film with a very-not-little-known star.

Sony Hack: Interview VOD Strategy Probably Won’t Change Anything (via Pamela McClintock for The Hollywood Reporter)
So there was this movie coming out in December, you see. And North Korea didn’t like it… Ringing any bells? Anyway, they made a bunch of money on VOD, but will it matter?

UPDATED to include:
How to Find a Producer (via Scott Macaulay for Filmmaker Magazine)
An answer to the ever-needed question.


A video worth watching

A Celebration of Megan Ellison’s Annapurna Pictures, Indie Film’s Fairy Godmother:

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