Happy Groundhog Week, and welcome to February! We understand that your Super Bowl weekend will likely be filled will Bud Light, Buffalo wings, nachos, and some expensive-ass commercials, so we’re going to be quick and to the point: Here is a list of some interesting film industry articles from the past week.

Go Panthers! Broncos! America!


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of February 1, 2016)

Eugene Chung Wants To Be Virtual Reality’s First Auteur (via Brendan Klinkenberg for BuzzFeed)
With the tech part under control, is there room for artistry in the VR realm?

Can King Bach, RocketJump, and Other Stars of YouTube and Vine Make It in Hollywood?
(via Evgenia Peretz for Vanity Fair)
Do new media superstars need Hollywood’s support?

Why Big Fan Is the Perfect Super Bowl Cult Film For Superfans And Non-Believers Alike
(via Nathan Rabin for Rotten Tomatoes)
Like indie films and football? Here’s the perfect movie for you!

Austin’s Film Pioneers (via Emma Brown for Interview Magazine)
Richard Linklater and Louis Black discuss their respective creations of the Austin Film Society and the Austin Chronicle and SXSW.

Why supporting your local film festival matters (via Jessica Kiang for Little White Lies)
It’s the best way for “regular” folks to see some non-“regular” movies.

Here’s to 1996, greatest year ever for indie film (via Sam Whiting for San Francisco Chronicle)
Some indie-film-nostalgia for the year that brought us Fargo, Sling Blade, and Welcome to the Dollhouse.


In case you were ignoring us (aka blatant self-promotion):

SAGindie’s Sundance 2016 Recap
See which movies were our favorites, which parties were the most memorable, and which filmmakers took home trophies from this year’s fest.


A video worth watching

That time Bernie Sanders played a Rabbi in a ’90s indie film (via Forward):

How ’bout you? Read anything good this week?

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