So, I’ve been to Sundance something like 8 times.  Once, while a student, once with a movie premiering, and 6 times with SAGIndie.  Going as a student sucks.  No one knows you or cares.  You can’t get in to any parties and you become keenly aware that you are, in fact, nobody.  Going to Sundance with a movie ROCKS!  We even threw a party that was so crowded, we almost didn’t get in.  And I got to pretend to be big [curse word removed] because one of the stars of our movie acted as if he knew me in public.  My sister doesn’t even do that.

Now, I come to Sundance with SAGIndie.  It’s not bad.  We don’t get to go to the gifting suites – oh well.  We aren’t that interested in the parties because we work so hard during the day (and we can’t get in, but I’m sure that’s not it).  I know a lot of people from my many years “in the biz” and it’s always fun to see everyone and to get to hang out and watch movies together.  I also enjoy the occasional good meal and cocktail.  BUT, this year marked something new in my Sundance experience – the non Sundance.  Believe me, I don’t recommend it.

This year, I brought my infant son to Sundance.  What?!  I couldn’t leave him behind, he’s an infant (and my husband threatened to leave me if I didn’t take him).  But as my life would have it, my son became ill almost instantly.  We’re talking 100 degree temperature, listless and just plain sad looking – on a 6 month old.  Heartbreaking.  So I spent my 7 days stuck in a condo, with a sick baby, watching bad Utah daytime television (yes, it’s worse than Los Angeles daytime television).  Four days in a row I had to work.  Four days in a row I spoke on panels and threw brunches for the actors and filmmakers in Sundance.  And as soon as I was finished, I took my child from whosever arms he was in (the arms varied, but I generally knew the people attached to them.  Don’t worry), and went back to my condo.  Movies?  I vaguely heard there were some playing.  I wouldn’t know, but I can tell you that Oprah’s new year programming is FASCINATING.  Actually, I have to confess.  My son’s temperature broke on Monday and Monday afternoon I was off to see my ONE movie while my son kept a friend busy.  The movie was BRIEF INTERVIEWS WITH HIDEOUS MEN. Nice acting, average film. 

So that was Sundance from the inside of my condo.  All I want to know is, does BYU NEED its own channel?  I think not.

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