After the AFI party last night I came back to the American Pavilion to my enter my first post from Cannes.

Big mistake.

I had a cocktail (or seven) on an empty stomach (All of the food at the party was animal-based and I never eat anything with a face). It’s probably never a good idea to write anything that will be seen by other people while in an absinthe-induced haze but I did it anyway. Or so I thought…

I was very surprised to check the indieblog today and see that my entry was nowhere to be found. I’m positive that I pushed that "Post" button… but maybe not… My big fear (other than Scott being mad at me for not posting sooner) is that my drunken diatribe about rude French waiters has somehow been posted somewhere else… like an elementary school or the French Consulate.

Anyway, I’m completely sober now (unless Orangina has an ingredient I don’t know about), and just finished moderating a couple of Round Table Sessions with industry professionals. This morning Geoff Gilmore, Director of the Sundance Film Festival met with the American Pavilion students, and Rachel Blanchard, star of the new Atom Egoyan film "Where the Truth Lies," joined us this afternoon.

1050546_img_1 1050566_img By the way, nothing makes me happier than being forced to publish a picture of my ever-increasing bald spot.

Yes. It is all about me.

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