On Aug. 29th, 2006 the students of the American Pavilion’s Student Filmmakers program embarked on an journey to the 2006 Venice Film Festival, these are their stories.

As of day four it is still taking me awhile to adjust to the Venice Film Festival. For those Cannes alumni expecting to get dolled up and walk on the red carpet, you’re in for a surprise because the glamour that is Cannes does not compute for with the Venetians.  The tone is very mellow and much more intimate than Cannes. The trip to the festival grounds is farther than Cannes takes about half an hour from our apartments. Nonetheless this trip is not without its little adventures, you can still have your fair share of drunken debauchery and celebrity escapades. It feels as though I’ve been here forever but it’s only the fourth day. Still haven’t been able to call home to let them know I’m still alive, which is a huge no no on my part. But to put things in retrospect because Walter needs his computer, this has been a great experience so far, I am glad I am here enjoying the festival rather than sitting for hours as an extra on Pirates 3. I can talk forever but there will be more to talk about as the festival continues.

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