SAGIndie is pleased to
announce the launch of our Diversity Screening Series, a program dedicated to
promoting films with a diverse cast and/or diverse themes. SAGIndie and the
Screen Actors Guild are committed to increasing employment opportunities for performers
of all types, a commitment shown in our sponsorship of diversity-themed film
festivals, our diversity outreach programs, and our Low Budget Diversity in
Casting Incentive. The Diversity Screening Series is an exciting next step in
this constantly evolving campaign.

The screenings will be held
quarterly in New York and Los Angeles, with other cities to follow as
the program matures and moves forward.

Thank you for your interest
in submitting your film to this exciting new event. We look forward to watching
all your films – every last one of the thousands and thousands of excellent films that will be soon coming our way. To
help us make that happen, though, you should read the following guidelines.
Learn them. Live them. Submissions that do not follow the guidelines will find
themselves moldering away in the SAGIndie Vault of Misfit Films.

1) The SAGIndie Diversity Screening Series is intended to promote films produced under the SAG Low Budget Agreements. However, if you (or your Uncle Theodore) have deep pockets and have made an awesome diversity film for more than 3.75 million, we’ll consider it – provided you buy us a starter home in the red-hot California real estate market.

2) This should be a no-brainer, but here goes: submitted films MUST have diverse cast, themes, or situations to be considered. They MUST also be SAG films. No exceptions. Thank you.

3) Brownie points are awarded to films using the Screen Actors Guild’s Diversity in Casting incentive.

4) Submissions must be in DVD format ONLY. VHS is dead, and we will not watch your film on YouTube (we’re too busy watching funny cat videos).

5) Submissions become the property of SAGIndie, and will not be returned. But don’t worry – we won’t show the really bad ones at a booze-soaked bad-movie party. We promise.

6) Print out this Submission Form, fill it out completely, and send it along with your DVD to the address on the form.

7) And finally, don’t call us, we’ll call you. Seriously.

That’s it! Simple, no? Thanks for your submission, and good luck!

NEW! Visit our brand new Diversity Screening Series web site! Featuring news, screening schedules, and a consolidated film submission area, not to mention tons of geeky-friendly social networking features!

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