In case you’re not in Los Angeles or couldn’t attend last night’s film fest panel at the SAG Foundation Actors Center, you can watch a video of the full panel live-stream above. Let’s hear it for technology!


  • Abby Dylan, SAG-AFTRA National Board member/SAGindie Committee Chair


  • Sheldon Candis (producer, writer, director)
  • Megan Griffiths (producer, director)
  • Meg Morman (casting director)
  • Rene Ridinger (VP of Entertainment, MPRM)
  • Peter Trinh (agent, ICM)


SAGindie, SAG-AFTRA, and the Screen Actors Guild Foundation are excited to present the educational panel Work It! The Festival Scoop from Pros in the Know. Join producers, directors, casting directors and other industry experts as they discuss how to best make use of the tools and tips you learn through attending film festivals. Anyone can get you into a party, let this team of pros guide you on festival attendance for career advancement. Discover how to take advantage of a captive audience for your film and how to best make every festival you attend a learning experience.

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