Fango001Dropped by Fangoria’s Weekend of Horror over the weekend. Saw Steve Railsback and most of the cast of The Devil’s Rejects. Ogled the Ladies of The Evil Dead.

High Tension looks good.

The Janitor? Well, they tried.

Didn’t they?

Lion’s Gate had a big presence, pushing Rejects and Tension, as well as Saw 2. They trotted out a Cecile de France sorta-look-a-like, a tall blonde in a bloody t-shirt who waved a barb-wire-topped stick at bemused fanboys. Every hour or so they tossed out t-shirts emblazoned with the logo of Rob Zombie’s latest opus: sadly, all I scored was a Saw 2 postcard and a High Tension pin.

Watched Kelly Stables (The Ring, and The Ring 2) charm a surly crowd of black-clad slasher fans with a little bit of aw-shucks, a whole lot of charisma, and a impromptu version of "Happy Birthday", delivered with style to Tim from the Inland Empire.

Got a sneak peek at the trailer for the hotly anticipated Neo-Drive In flick 2001 Maniacs (shameless plug: shot under the Low Budget Agreement). It stars Robert Englund and some girls with prodigious lungs. The gathered horror aficianados loudly cheered at the imaginative variety of murders portrayed in the trailer, not to mention the cheerfully gratuitous nudity.

No distributor yet, but-

Hey, wait a minute! Lion’s Gate meet 2001 Maniacs, Maniacs meet Lion’s Gate.

Now, about my finder’s fee…

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