Netflix Interactive Map

Will Prescott — Monday, January 11th, 2010

Over the weekend I stumbled upon this amazing interactive map that the NY Times put together. It gives you an idea of the Netflix rental patterns for 100 frequently-rented titles in 12 cities. Some of the 2009 findings are pretty interesting – considering that the top rented films can change drastically from one neighborhood to the next.

While big films like THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON and TWILIGHT top many zip codes, it’s very encouraging to see quite a few indie films sprinkled within the findings.

Check out the map HERE.

What’s New in the New Year, you say? Well, me of course!

Ellen Tremiti — Thursday, January 7th, 2010

My name is Ellen and I am the new SAGIndie Assistant.

I am very excited to pick up the torch here at SAGIndie and wear as many hats as needed. I’ll be alleviating the workload in the office, helping filmmakers and thespians alike learn how SAG’s low budget contracts can make their lives better and easier, assisting with the planning of SAGIndie events and acting as Darrien’s all-around right hand woman.  There are a few mixed metaphors here, but the point is I am ready to help SAGIndie continue to help all of you as a valuable and approachable resource.

A little about me: I was a film and writing/literature student in college. I still enjoy those subjects very much. My favorite movie is Taxi Driver, mostly because of these two guys, and a seventies theme shrouds my top ten, Jaws, the Godfather and even Rocky are in there. But, I also love Fargo, don’tchaknow, and more recently I really enjoyed District 9 and Up in the Air. On an un-cinematic note, I like Paris (been there once), game nights, and wrought iron and I dislike most cheesy romcoms, really loud sounds and anything flavored with coconut, ugh.

Hope you’re having a good day and you’ll be hearing from me again soon!


iPhone Apps for the Biz

Will Prescott — Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Happy New Year!

Trying to figure out what to spend that holiday cash or iTunes gift card on? Why not head to the iTunes store and load up on some filmmaker friendly apps?

Our friends over at THE WRAP put together a list of the 10 “Hollywood” apps every movie lover or working professional must have for their iPhone. Some are more fun than practical, like the Space Odyssey inspired HAL 9000 app, which costs nothing, but provides hours of fun with endless Hal one-liners. Other apps are much more useful for the indie filmmaker on the go, like the Artemis Director’s Viewfinder, which costs $29.99, but allows you to plug in the shooting format, the aspect ratio, and the type of lens you’re using to preview an upcoming shot.

Check out the entire list HERE.

SAGIndie wants to hear from you

SAGIndie — Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Hey! We need your help!

In an effort to strengthen SAGIndie and provide you with quality information, we’re looking to gather feedback from any and all interactions you may have had with us. Be it at one of our monthly workshops, one of our fabulous festival events, or just over the phone — your opinion matters to us.

Have our workshops totally confused you? Did you enjoy the scones at our Sundance Filmmakers Brunch? Have we (appropriately) touched you in some way and inspired you to be a better producer? All feedback — positive or negative — is welcome! (although, keep in mind that a special treat may be awarded to the person who showers our National Director with the most compliments.)

So, go ahead and drop us an email at blogadmin@sagindie.org and let us hear it. Feel free to send your comments anonymously, but please include any pertinent info regarding your interaction(s) with us, such as “I was at your bowling party in NYC” or “I attended a contract workshop on November 30″ or “I called in on a Tuesday in March.” The more information we get, the better off we’ll be able to address your thoughts.

As always, thanks for your continued support. We look forward to hearing from you!

All the best,

Your friends at SAGIndie.

SF2: SAG Foundation Short Film Showcase

SAGIndie — Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Happy Friday!

Just wanted to let you know that the SAG Foundation in New York has launched SF2 (SAG Foundation Short Film). SF2 is a new showcase where filmmakers can screen their shorts and inspire SAG members to create their own projects produced under a SAG contract.

For more details click HERE or contact the Foundation’s NY Program Director, Franz Reynold at

Best wishes,


Darn [Filmmaking] Kids These Days!

Darrien Gipson — Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

I’ve been in this industry for a while now. No, I wasn’t hanging out with D.W. Griffith (THAT certainly wouldn’t have gone well for me!), but I’ve loved movies all my life, and have been “in the biz” for a couple of decades, so I’d like to believe that I have some small amount of insight. Eh, scratch that – I think I’m freakin’ brilliant!

I remember what it was like when I was a newbie. Our cell phones weighed 3lbs, flipped down to answer, and had an extendable antenna. When you saw someone on the street with it, you knew they were either a big shot making big deals, or a Marine calling in air support. Ah, good times AND a good arm workout! But nowadays, filmmakers have it easy. Sure, it’s nearly impossible to get money for the budget – but there was only like 12 days when getting money was “easy” and I missed them. Technology has advanced such that, if you can get your hands on a camera, video or film, or if you can get your parents to buy you a RED, you can create your opus. Now I would be the last person to say to get your friends together and just shoot it, because we all know that getting PROFESSIONAL TALENT is what it’s all about. But let’s face it, not every great production is… say, ready (read: good enough) to warrant a professional cast.  So I’m taking that hat off. But you can make a film.

But what will be our next great indie film trend? We have done to death the Tarantino-esque gritty, profane homages to the 70’s. Besides, UNDERCOVER BROTHER said all there was to say on that. The slacker movie is, thankfully dead or dying – thanks James Franco. And now Judd Apatow has started to falter (it’s not lost on me that these are not “indie” films but big films whose subject matter should have been shot on your sister’s camera). 500 DAYS OF SUMMER is a romance (or death of) story cleverly told with a hipster soundtrack. Tomorrow, there will be 600 more “I love you/I hate you” films with songs by bands that only the WWWAAAAYYYY underground people will know.

What’s my point? Well, truth be told, I forgot that hours ago and am now just rambling to watch the letters appear on my screen. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. BUT, I will say this – we need you all.  We need you to get out there and figure this out.  Indie film isn’t dying, it’s MOLTING. It’s shedding the dead skin of those who have long since lost their indie stripes and underneath is the gleaming new skin of the next generation. Uh, in this analogy, you’re the new insect skin. Just want to be clear. We need you to keep INDIE so we can continue to outshine the big boys and their bloated productions.  We need you so we can keep pulling a paycheck – but that’s neither here nor there. So, get out there and work. Think of what makes you interesting (anything? Beuller? Beuller?) and make a movie about it. Do you see the world in a different way? Make a movie about it.

Not sure you’re that interesting? Make a short. Still not sure? Make a sandwich and figure out what you’re doing with your life. In any case, remember: Actors act, writers write, and filmmakers LIVE and hold a camera up to it at the same time. Hope you’re ambidextrous.

BANDSLAM: Victim of Shoddy Advertising?

Eliza Hajek — Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Nikki Finke has posted an insightful insider account of a very real possibility behind the embarrassing gross of Walden Media’s BANDSLAM. As I am very close with a handful of people who worked on the film, I have had to opportunity to see it twice in previews, and I can assure you, it’s smarter than your average cringe inducing, placating drivel that something like Disney churns out consistently. I have heard a lot about the advertising, about how it appeared to be another film compromised of the aforementioned descriptors.

Honestly, I haven’t even seen any advertising for Bandslam at all, but have heard enough about it to surmise that someone decided it was in the film’s best interest to go the lazy route and now we have a great film that never stood a chance; dressed it up in High School Musical clothes, when it should have been out in something closer to what SCHOOL OF ROCK was wearing.

Check out the Article HERE.


Darrien Gipson — Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Eh, we’re here, just busy.  The world of SAGIndie is a never ending barrage of work.  When the rest of the [filmic] world seemed to be slowing down, we were still going strong – spreading the word of low budget contracts.  I like to think of us as KUNG FU, going from town-to-town, helping poor filmmakers make films.

Only I’m not grabbing any hot pot with my forearms.  It’s summer and I want to go sleeveless.  (kudos and Geritol for anyone who gets that reference).

I can’t speak for the rest of SAGIndie’s staff, but I have been BUSY!  Let’s just start with June.  Somehow, June was a crazy month for us.  We usually have about 4 sponsored festivals in June.  This year, we had 8!  We attended 7 of them!  Crazy.  Here are the highlights:

We went to the Producer’s Guild of America’s “Produced By” conference.  Pretty cool.  Too bad they couldn’t get any big names to appear.  Once James Cameron stopped extolling the bright future of 3-D, they still had little people like Kathleen Kennedy, Laura Schuler-Donner, Norman Lear and Kevin Feige (Marvel Studios) chatting up the crowds.  I’ve decided that Kevin Feige is my hero.  He’s got IRON MAN 2, THOR(!), and CAPTAIN AMERICA coming up, and a slate that extends for years.  I can’t wait for them, as they all look and sound incredibly cool.  Of course, MY Kevin won’t know of my obsession with him until he glances out his window some night at 3am and sees me camping in his bushes.  I’m sure he won’t mind once he sees that I’ve made S’Mores.

CineVegas was a blast, as always.  The SAGIndie Filmmakers Bowling Party was, of course, a great success.  Not only was there raucous bowling from midnight until nearly 4 am, but the blatant campaigning from filmmakers for the oh-so-prestigious bobble-head trophies was, frankly, embarrassing.  You know who you are.  I finally saw 500 DAYS OF SUMMER and was so pleasantly surprised that it’s one of my recommend films (and I don’t have many).

The day after I returned from Vegas, I loaded up and headed back to the airport for the Maui Film Festival.  Yep, it’s a hard knock life for me.  Well, Maui just sucks.  The weather is perfect, the ocean is beautiful, and the beaches are pristine.  Movies?  Oh yeah, and they had some interesting movies.  SAGIndie sponsored the screening of 500 DAYS OF SUMMER.  Zooey Deschanel was there and when my daughter (4) accosted her in the bathroom to tell her she liked her dress (“A” claims she didn’t know who she was, but I’ve seen her sneaking glances at InTouch magazine in the supermarket), Zooey (I call her Zooey) was extremely gracious.  The festival gave a tribute to her (so early in her career?) and to Willie Nelson.  Would have like to have been in the room while they were planning that one.

You would think that, after partying in Vegas and Hawaii, I’d be too tired to do anything else.  Well, you’re right, but I went to the Palm Springs Shortsfest anyhow.  I’m glad I did.  My partner in crime, Mark Friedlander (also known as SAG’s Guru of New Media) and I were on panels that were very well attended.  We saw a few shorts, met a bunch of really cool filmmakers, and stayed at the Uber-cool ACE Hotel.  Clearly where all the cool cats hang out (and occasionally they let people like Mark and me in).  I especially like the “adult snowcones” they offer poolside.  Not that I was poolside.  Not like I had one (or two).  That’s my story, and I’m sticking with it.

So finally, June is behind me and July is, actually, half over.  Things are settling down to our usual two festivals a month.  And I’m not going to most of them.  So it’ll be up to the rest of SAGIndie’s staff to blog about their festivals.
And they will.  I haven’t fired anyone in a while and I’m starting to develop a tick.  Must. Fire. Someone.

An NPR Podcast That is Relevant to Your Interests*

Eliza Hajek — Friday, July 10th, 2009

*If your interests include NPR podcasts about soundtracks to summer romcoms starring Zooey Deschanel and JGL.

PRODUCED BY CONFERENCE JUNE 5-7. Special Pricing for SAG and SAGIndie Members!

SAGIndie — Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Spend the weekend with an unprecedented gathering of over 100 A-List Producers at the PRODUCED BY CONFERENCE, hosted by the Producers Guild. SAG Members and friends of SAGIndie can take advantage of a discounted industry professional rate by choosing package “C” when registering.

Visit the Produced By Conference website or check out the one-sheet below for more details.

All the best,


PBC One Sheet Ad 512_1.jpg