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In the eye of that, Liu Mubai physique of a move, the first swept to play table, eyes staring freezing cold dust, animal husbandry, Eastern Hospital direction, his mouth slightly brought back, faint has a little wait, he already wanted saw dust when grazing was defeated, those who keep the faith of his people, how wonderful will face? Dust, animal husbandry, Liu also met Mubai that awe-inspiring smile, his face calm immediately boarded field station, standing not far from Liu Mubai." You will not see it yourself?" Hau pointed farm, said: "Animal husbandry, also present in dust, Liu Mubai have a field. How can it be?" Chen Tong looked up, the face full of incredible color, he and animal husbandry dust are equally spiritual strength throughout the early rounds, he might even how a move will stop dust, animal husbandry? I do not believe it!" Chen Tong red eyes, I heard Di, you want to re-crazy shot. Golden double finger and two-finger thrusts flame. wholesale nike jerseys china Two figure, touch back, each of which is Zhentui dozen steps, each step down, all will leave a deep imprint half finger on that ground. Suddenly he is caught up that road dust, animal husbandry, ghostly figure. wholesale nike jerseys from china Within the sea air, the spiritual power distributing debut Road light wheel light, these light, at the top of cohesion, a blur of nine black minarets, slowly appear.

Today's field stage, Liu Mubai figure is stopped, he looked pale, animal husbandry is also extremely gloomy dust slowly running behind that fiery spirit array, where violent spiritual force comes out, so that was the constant air shock with." Powerful spiritual force shrouded willow Mubai. Eyes hastily looked, I saw that was among the flames, a body wrapped in a forceful figure among the spiritual power, slowly out. Only some extraordinary eyesight generation, just look dignified himself, they vaguely able to see at that moment the shot dust, animal husbandry, is how fast if ponley. But in that moment he caught up, dust, animal husbandry, the figure is suddenly stopped, he bent two fingers and two fingers as if in this case turned into gold, bright light shining, also exudes a Tough extremely sharp fluctuations. Like Jintie intersection, actually broke out crisp sound, sparks from both fingertips sputtering out, visible gas arc, in two fingers forming. wholesale nike jerseys free shipping

His two fingers and curved, red spiritual power sweeping, like flames rising, particularly violent. wholesale nike jerseys Dust, animal husbandry, also staring at the field, in the previous Liu Mubai shot, his eyes slightly condensate of condensate, which is the kind of speed, was actually not inferior to him, this willow Mubai, really powerful. lineup of speed, so fast? " Eyes, animal husbandry Feng is a bit surprised, but quickly come to understand he is. With this a test of the end, this spiritual atmosphere of the north field, but it is quietly rising up, even some quite strong strength, are cast with great interest over the line of sight. So offensive, even if the territory is to have a round of late spiritual strength of the people, was extremely afraid of is fear.

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