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" Liu Mubai see ink ridge tightly entangled with him, but also nuji and laughed, and this time he had no opportunity to give ink ridge active shot, feet Yiduo, stature storm swept out of the lead. Dust, animal husbandry, this suddenly becomes defensive to the offensive, but also so that was a bit scared Liu Mubai, but the idea did not get him to make some confusion. nike jerseys from china This is not only Mubai Liu Jin Ling into the late rounds territory, a people level also has a spiritual pulse, which under the trouble ah. Two figure, also in this moment the storm swept out, a shadow, a red shadow, as if ripped through the obstruction of air, straight out, they did not take any of dodge, after the number of interest, is the presence of direct central station , like two bull, no frontal collision avoidance together. With the emergence of these points of light, that Liu Ling wheel Mubai territory late spiritual power fluctuations, turned out to be once again started moving up, the last in round after round of surprise eyes, reached the pinnacle of spiritual late round habitat. He even got slapped inexplicable? It also broke out in a number of off-the sound of surprise, a lot of people look at root no matter what happened, only to see it come to pass with Chen's face and hand print that a crisp bar applause. Good stubborn kid.

This scene is a direct cause of many of the frightened voice of uproar that reached the spiritual strength throughout the early rounds ink ridge, in front of Liu Mubai, even really have no chance to even the shot! Good strength of terror. Also I know how to Cangzhuo ah, know the means of concealment. Could have let him get five homes are on the heart and mind. He felt a powerful sense of the body, like those cold eyes locked with snake-like animal husbandry and dust. nike jerseys china Liu Mubai indifferent eyes looked at dust, animal husbandry, and then turned onto the stage of the ink ridge, looking down tidied cuff, said: "Themselves concede it. That is the spirit which shares Liu Mubai force even greater than normal throughout the late spiritual wheel also strong!" Some people silhouette in vivo induction TV drama forceful gush of spiritual power.

"dust, animal husbandry, calm voice channel. wholesale nike jerseys china On top of that the main station, Hau looked at his hands the print dust, animal husbandry knot in his eyes, but it is suddenly a condensate. Tearing the air, do not hesitate to go straight to Liu Mubai throat away. cheap nike jerseys china His fast, the ink ridge even only be able to see the red eyes flashed, and is horrified to see. After a test of the previous ones, they are seen, these students, it is possible that the seeds are eligible to compete for places on the two, dust, animal husbandry and Liu Mubai. Liu dyke, you dared to touch my son?" Animal husbandry Feng is furious loud at this point, palm shoot on the armrest, stature storm washed out appear directly above the dust, animal husbandry, beat Liu dyke anger on the TV drama is shot in the past.

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