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In an effort to strengthen SAGIndie and provide you with quality information, we’re looking to gather feedback from any and all interactions you may have had with us. Be it at one of our monthly workshops, one of our fabulous festival events, or just over the phone — your opinion matters to us.

Have our workshops totally confused you? Did you enjoy the scones at our Sundance Filmmakers Brunch? Have we (appropriately) touched you in some way and inspired you to be a better producer? All feedback — positive or negative — is welcome! (although, keep in mind that a special treat may be awarded to the person who showers our National Director with the most compliments.)

So, go ahead and drop us an email at and let us hear it. Feel free to send your comments anonymously, but please include any pertinent info regarding your interaction(s) with us, such as “I was at your bowling party in NYC” or “I attended a contract workshop on November 30″ or “I called in on a Tuesday in March.” The more information we get, the better off we’ll be able to address your thoughts.

As always, thanks for your continued support. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Your friends at SAGIndie.


  1. I put a link to your site last night on Twitter. It was retweeted by many people. Most of all, I suggest you work even harder to get yourself known! I talk you up and tweet you out, and will be putting an article that explains about you, on my website for actors (Hollywood Actor Prep) but there are many filmmakers out there that aren’t aware of you at all.

    I sent the link to two indie filmmakers I know, and to one guy who has a streaming show online, for small filmmakers. I sent to him especially, because while listening to his show the other night (he is a twitter friend and sent me info about his show so I was listening)–he had an actress on who is a SAG member, but she ADVISED all actors NOT TO JOIN SAG, ON THE AIR! Her point was that actors need a “reel” and can obtain work that can be made into a reel, by NOT being SAG.

    She also claimed to be a producer. She lives in LA. She obviously didn’t know about SAG Indie. Nor did the fellow who had an ongoing show that disseminates and educates young blossoming independent filmmakers.

    I guess the first step would be to do a major SAG member information campaign. NO, they don’t know. If they did, there would surely be utilization of the iActor site for self-promotion; and there would be a whole lot of content on the SAG Indie boards. There’s a zillion actors who are making their own content, wearing producer hats. There’s many many people making films in LA alone, students too. Substantial stuff.

    They would surely benefit by using some SAG actors. (Look at all the stuff Melissa Leo’s involved in! She got nominated for an Academy Award! From a SAG Indie Film! Her career was resusitated because of that her performance in that film…)

    Who is doing your marketing? I am willing to talk and shoot some ideas around, to make SAG Indie have an increased awareness in the public sector, in the creative sector…

    Support + Solidarity
    Dana Kaminski
    Hollywood Actor Prep

  2. I am wondering where are all the Directors….I was told by a producer to find a director to fall in love with my script then contact him. So now I’m seeking a Director.

  3. I have a no budget indie film and some webisodes I would liek to produce. I want to use some union actors. Is there any way I can get them and they work for free? Basically none of us are getting paid anything. It’s more for experience.



  4. From the Actor’s Standpoint….Thank God for the Low Budget Tier Indies….
    They have so much more heart & grit than the bloated Gas Giant Blockbusters
    Watch for me in “The Violent Kind” (2010) with Taylor Cole and Tiffany Shepis
    at Sundance 2010…..(not the film of the same title with john savage from 2008)

    david fine (II) imdb


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