SAG Low Budget Agreements Made Simple

SAGIndie hosts a series of monthly workshops to assist filmmakers in using the SAG Low Budget Agreements, simplifying the process and helping filmmakers cast quality actors in their independent films.

SAG Theatrical Business Representatives will walk you through signing SAG Low Budget Agreements from start to finish.

Workshops are held the 2nd Thursday of every month from 6 to 8pm in Los Angeles and New York, and are FREE. Workshops fill up quickly so RSVP now! If you sign up for a workshop but can’t attend you must call to cancel your reservation no later than 48 hours before the workshop.

For more information, visit the Contract Workshops page.


  1. It would be nice to have a virtual contract walk through that could be accessed by a mouse click for those filmmakers who don’t live in NY/LA. Complete with FAQ and contacts for local help in each region of the country.
    Mike Montgomery, President, Nashville Branch

  2. Interesting. We’ll take it under consideration. thanks for the suggestion.

  3. I also agree completely with Darrien. I live and work in Florida and it would be great to have this as a virtual class.. or even a webcast. This is part of my business that I do and it would be simple to set up a webcast that is viewable by the public and then you can do a yahoo or other IM chat and people could ask questions during a internet Q and A. I think a lot of people like myself would be very interested in this and be willing to pay for such an opportunity as it would be a lot cheaper and very efficient. I’d be happy to volunteer any tech help you might need and it wouldn’t be expensive on your end and in some cases it would be free if you use ustream or something like that.

    I’m about to undertake several Christian feature films and I’d like to get the process off to a right start, be compliant, and have my efforts concentrating on using the best actors in the world. SAG actors…

    Thanks so much for this and I’m eager to work with SAG on my features…

    The one thing I’m unfamiliar on and maybe you could help me is the concept of step up payments? My film will 99 percent be on DVD, other media and not a theatrical even though that might be the agreement that I will need to get..

    Thanks so much,


  4. I third the motion. You guys gotta start doing the webinar thing.

  5. I would like to see a workshop in Boston, MA. The interest here is quite high for SAGindie. We have a large base of filmmakers interested in the subject and content. Even once a year would be a blessing for us. Is it possible that the regional offices can do these workshops Thank you!

  6. Excellent idea Darrien. We are in Grand Rapids Mi where several films through out the State are being filmed. Please consider a virtual class/webcast!

    Thank you,


  7. I agree. A webinar would be fantastic!


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